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What We Do


At Generating Opportunites we help you do just that develp[ your skills and competences to generate business opportunites. We do so by providing training and consultancy services to our individual and corporate clients in the fields below.

  • IT & Telecom

  • Communications & Entertainment

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Charities & Non Governmental Organizations

At Generating Opportunities we know that success in business is dependent on how well you are able to communicated your ideas and the benefits of your products effedtively to your prospective customers. We provide NLP based commuincation skills training . Jermaine hold a  buisness diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programing which is about attain individual and organizational peak performance by modelling excellence and global best practices.


Get More information about how our MASS impact training program can benefit your and your organization.

Marketing & Sales Strategies (MASS Impact)
Leadership Development 

We support you in developing your leadership ability and increase you level of inflence and impact. Generating Opportunities is asosociated with the elite John Maxwell team of world class leadership trainers, coaches andteachers. Jermaine is certified to deliver John C Maxwell's premuim trainings that wiil transform your leadership capabilities and the perfomance of your organzation and teams. 


Our personal & proffesional leadership trainings services  which  focus es on LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENT AND  DEVELOPMENT (LEAD), is designed to suport     our clients in navigating through the different levels of leadership experiences & help you transition properly by building a wholistic and robust principled leadership approach inorder to engage thier team, build & sustain a corprate culture & ultimately improve the your personal &

organizational perfomance .


We consult and offer tprograms that catalyze long-term learning and growth in organizations. Our training solutions engage workforce teams in learning and equip them

to apply what they learn.  We also bolster implementation programs by deploying a range of workshop-based interventions that provoke, engage, and inspire workforce to take action in other to implement formulated strategy. Our solutions are practical and 100% of our clients emphasise on the fact that our solutions are readily applicable to their work hence improve their performance, create value and sustain it.


We work with its clients in a number of different ways, by providing customized solutions:


• Improving workforce competence and skills through trainings


• Client advisory and counseling,


• Executive Coaching

Human Capital Development & Trainings
Trainings We Facilitate

Trainiings we facilitate & deliver include but not limited to:


•Marketing And Sales Strategies  


•Effective Public Relations Skills


•Employee Engagemet & Stress Management


•Communication Skills 


•Project Management


•Customer Relationship & Rentition Management


•Enterprise Performance Management




Young Enterprenuers Skills Development Programs

At Generating Opportunities we work to ensure that you are best positions to seize and capitalize on opportunities you see. We recognize that youths are the back bone of any nations. Thats why we developed Young Entreprenuer Skills Develeopment Program is design to tackle the high rate of unemployability & unemployment among the youths by provideing them with both enterprise & entreprenuerial skills that would empower them to wok in organizations at peak perfomace with entreprenurial business mindsets (intra - prenuers) and also start off thier own business if they decide to as entrenuers.


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